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Islands - Chiloé



This  is the largest of the islands that make up the Chiloé archipelago, a complex island, located in the Lakes Region, in southern central Chile. The island is surrounded by colorful houses, built on stilts on the water, are the so-called "palafitos", which are a classic of the island. As are its churches, made of wood and built between the 18th and 19th centuries, sixteen of them declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. One experience provided by the island is kayaking through the secondary canals or taking a ferry to other islands of the archipelago such as Quinchao, Lemuy, San Pedro or the Chauques group, as well as enjoying the particular culture of the people of Chiloé, participating in their festivals and listening to their myths and legends. On the Big Island of Chiloé the sea and forests converge in a lonely and wild environment highlighting Chiloé National Park, in the western part, and Tantauco Park in the south. From December to March the good weather allows you to move, from island to island, by barges or boats and without major problems. In January the procession of the Nazarene of Caguach, the most popular festival of this archipelago, and in February, the Costumbrista Festival in Castro is celebrated. So these are months where the acceptance of the island is even greater.

It is also recognized as a World Agricultural Heritage by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, is a privileged land for food and livestock production, which stands out for having a wide variety of native potato types, different types of garlic, many seafood or seafood , and lots of other gastronomic wonders, such as honey, cheeses and lambs. As an example In Chiloé you  can find 286 varieties of native potatoes of multiple shapes and colors. Blues, reds, yellows, blues with yellow, pink with yellow and pigmented shades of purple and purple on their skin of great heritage value for gourmet preparations in Chilean cuisine, as well as (chilote garlic, white strawberry, chilota apples, black chilota sheep, white strawberries, gold liqueur).



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